Uriyadi 2 Review

Uriyadi was one of the most underrated films in recent times. Inspite of being a very good film, it dint do well in the box office. However, it did bring to notice the lead actor and director Vijay Kumar to the limelight. Uriyadi 2 (not a sequel) was bankrolled by Surya’s 2D entertainment and we hoped it would have a wider release unlike the first movie. The film has still managed to get only few screens in the city but has opened to mixed reviews.

The movie is based on the Sterlite issue largely. Lenin Vijay (Vijay Kumar) and his friends join as workers in a chemical factory in their village which is run by an influential businessman along with corrupt political parties banking on caste votes. The poor maintenance of the factory leads to a gas leak affecting several villagers including death of one of his friends. How they handle this situation is what the movie is about.

The initial portions are a regular affair with a small romantic sequence followed by a boring song. However, it picks up speed and builds up very well till the interval. You will be on the edge of the seat for the last 30 minutes of first half. The factory scenes are shot so authentically that you feel you are inside the factory.

The good thing about the film is that the protagonist never becomes heroic until the end. However, this is also a negative as it beats down the expectations of the audience big time. A large portion of the second half deals with the suffering of the people due to the gas leak. While it does create a huge impact on you, it does not keep you engaged and gives a documentary feel.

Vijay Kumar gives a decent performance as the angry youngster. The other actors also do their job without much exaggeration. The background score was very harsh. Cinematography was good with some real good innovative shots especially the one where his friend is affected by the gas leak inside the factory and lying down.

Uriyadi 1 was interesting because it was gritty and filled with lot of surprise acts. The problem with this film is that the “surprise” element is missing except for one scene where they ridicule a cop. Even the climax seems to be very cliché and could have been a better one. Where Vijay Kumar succeeds is in delivering a very strong message about the ill effects of such factories and the involvement of political elements.

Uriyadi 2 is not as good as the first part but definitely worth a watch for the message it delivers.

Rating – 3/5


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