Safety Razor or Disposable Razor

If you started shaving around the end of 19th century... you must be using one of the Gillette disposable shaving razors...we had no choice in this. Not our fault... blame the remarkable marketing by Gillette to become a monopoly in the shaving instruments market place. I still remember my dad using the safety razors during the 80's and 90's - it was a process in itself - so much of technical aspects involved in putting all instruments together (he always dismantled each part and kept it separate), applying the shaving cream, the expertise in using the blade to avoid any cuts, and then the last and the best part - to splash some diluted Dettol. It was so much of pleasure watching it that you always wondered when you would get a chance to shave.

With the invention of disposable razors, the entire activity of shaving became easier and at the same time a daily core and we ended up doing it for the sake of it. Sometime with shaving cream, sometimes soaps and sometimes even with water. However, the issue is not with the comfort and ease….there is also the cost and health factor. It’s true that the disposable razors are a boon for us when we rush to office in the mornings. I have been using them for almost 20 years and finally decided to give up and go for the safety razor. But why?

Cost – I kept upgrading as and when Gillette introduced newer versions of their Mach series. However, I felt the quality of the razor and its usability was reduced each time. Further they stop producing the blades pertaining to the older instruments, forcing you to buy the new razor. I still remember using the earlier Gillette mach blades more than 4 or 5 times before throwing them. However, the recent ones don’t give a decent shave after the first use. Is it worth buying a mach3 or mach4 (don’t know the latest version) blades for one shave each time…. Definitely NO.

Impact on your skin – I never ever thought about the shaving blade as one of the reasons for acne or other skin issues….until I saw some videos in YouTube and read some articles online. You would have noticed the gaps between the blades in all these disposable blades. However deep you clean them, there is some portion of dirt or soap left between those blades which can become breeding ground for all kinds of infections and imagine using them again and again on your skin. Now I know why my dad used to keep all those parts of the razor separate (obviously to dry them).

I searched online and came across several safety razors still available in the market. I kept wondering who were using them….till I saw this lovely all-in-one shaving kit under the brand of “Bombay Shaving Company”. I searched online and understood it was an Indian startup which was created with a passion for helping people understand what shaving is all about and why safety razors are the best. The best part being that the kit includes a high quality brush, pre-shaving scrub, shaving cream, post shave balm and feather blades. The entire concept was interesting and I immediately ordered one pack. They also have a cool video which takes you through the entire process of shaving. Trust me, you would have never realized shaving was such a great art!!

The pack was received and I put it to use immediately following the instructions. Wow… never felt so fresh and smooth. The razors are of great quality and if used correctly can give a great shave without any cuts. It could be the cost of the entire shaving kit or it could be the time you spend in shaving or it could be the impact of safety razors….whatever it is, I decided to give Gillette a long good bye and have been using Bombay Shaving Company products since then. You can check-out their product by clicking here!!

So for all those who are beginning to shave or thinking to ditch the disposable shaving kits, give the humble safety razor a try! But ensure you go for a good branded razor which can survive your lifetime. All you need to do is change the blades and you do get good quality blades (best ones being the feather blades made in Japan). You will not mind using one blade for each shave and at the same time keep your skin healthy.

Happy shaving!!!


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