Prathi Poovankozhi Review

Roshan Andrews who normally teams up Bobby Sanjay, this time joins hand with Unni R for another women centric film with Manju Warrier (after “How Old Are You”). Dealing with sensitive and social issues is not new for Roshan Andrews. “Prathi Poovankozhi” is another simple but effective film from the director, dealing with the issue of groping and told in a very straight forward manner, yet within the commercial template.

The film revolves around the character of Madhuri played by Manju Warrier, a middle class working women who has to single handedly manage the family. Madhuri works as a sales person in a textile showroom. On her way to work, she gets sexually assaulted by an unknown man inside the bus. However, he escapes from the scene. Madhuri is determined to track him down and seek revenge for the act. But she soon realizes that the man (Antappan, played by Roshan Andrews himself) is a deadly rowdy in the nearby market.

While the first half is engaging and ends on a high note, the film loses its steam in the second half. It dwells into a thriller genre and also has some unwanted scenes, which are completely out of the main story line. The climax is effective for a movie dealing with such issue, however there are several loose ends which could have been resolved.

The film is held by Manju Warrier and her performance. The chirpiness and grittiness she adds to the role is commending. Roshan Andrews makes a flashy debut as the antagonist. We also have Anushree in a weird and funny role, but its added just to increase the length of the film. Saiju Kurup seems to find a role in several recent films, however his histrionics is getting repetitive. Technically the film is just good as most of the Roshan Andrew's films. Background score by Gopi Sundar is catchy. Editing is crisp.

Overall, Prathi Poovankozhi is a decent one time watch for the issue it deals with and Manju Warrier’s performance.

Rating 3.25/5


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