Pattas Movie Review

Pattas is directed by Durai Senthilkumar who has given some decent hits previously. He is joining with Dhanush for the second time after Kodi. Incidentally, Dhanush plays a dual role in this as well.The first look and teaser of the film was very catchy and raised the expectations. The movie starts with KanyaKumari(Sneha) getting released from jail and in the lookout for someone for revenge. Shakthi(Dhanush) is a petty thief who ends up robbing some trophies from a famous boxer and owner of a martial arts academy in Chennai - Nilan. Meanwhile there is Sadhana (Mehreen Phirzada) to add to the romance. Kanyakumari incidentally meets up with Shakthi and realizes that he is her own son. The buildup to the interval which is mixed with action and emotion is good and keeps you engrossed. The second half deals with the flashback and how Shakthi avenges his father's death in a typical martial art film format including the climax. (No... Dhanush does not remove his TShirt here, if that's what you are thinking.)

Dhanush is back with the naughty and energetic next door boy character. At the same time, he excels as Thuraviyaperumal in the flashback. It's evident that he has put in lot of efforts to get the martial arts steps convincing. Sneha gets an elevation to play mother's role and reminds us of erstwhile actress Sujatha in several shots.But she gets a solid role and delivers big time. Naveen Chandra as the villain is good. Music by Vivek-Mervin is catchy, however BGM was not even and very loud. Songs are shot well but how many times will one repaint Binny Mills?? The cinematography is apt and editing crisp. The action sequences are choreographed well.

The film revolves arround an ancient form of martial art called Adimurai.... supposedly the mother of all martial arts. Yes, it reminds us of 7amArivu storyline mixed with Pailwan theme. The problem is also that it does not offer anything new and the story becomes very predictable in the second half. Overdose of action may not go well with all.

Pattas is in a way, a celebration of our age old culture and isnt this what Pongal is all about. If you go without any expectations, you may be happy with the outcome. Happy Pongal! Rating 3/5


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