Oru Adaar Love Review

Am yet to recover from the jolt of seeing the final 5-10 minutes of "Oru Adaar Love", which has a “Paruthveeran” or let’s say a “Bala” film kind of climax. Was this required for a film which was otherwise a hyperbolic triangular love story based inside a residential school setup?

“Oru Adaar Love” is directed by Omar Lulu known for films like "Happy Wedding" and "Chunkzz". The movie was trapped in all sorts of viral news and controversies in last one year or so. Not to mention the mileage which the team got due to Priya Prakash Varrier’s wink. This is also the very reason the movie is dubbed and released in several other languages.

The movie is set in a Residential school and unfolds during a period of 2 years (11th and 12th grade). Roshan meets two girls the very first day at school. He falls in love with one (Priya) and the other becomes his best friend (Gadha). At one point, Priya walks out of the relationship. To influence and get her back, Roshan and Gadha pretends to love each other. But things turn the other way around and ends in a gruesome climax.

The best thing about “Oru Adaar Love” is the performance of the lead actors and the other students. With a dozen of newcomers, am sure atleast half of them can make a career out of films. The one on the top of this list is Noorin Sherif as Gadha. She is beautiful and rocks the role like an experienced actress. Roshan is cute and has great screen presence. Priya Varrier is also good to some extent. The other students from the gang also perform well especially Siyadh Shahjahan. The songs by Shaan Rahman are a big plus ....loved the tribute to Kalabhavan Mani. But BGM is not up to the mark. Cinematography is okay, but when you have the film largely shot inside a campus there is no much scope for experimentation.

The problem with the film is the exaggerated premise. The movie is directed at Gen Alpha (not even the Gen Z). Honestly, I (Gen X) don’t have much idea about the residential schools these days. But, designer beards, girls with all sorts of colored hair, eye liners and students happily roaming around in pairs is still exaggerated. To add to this, they kiss inside the campus/class room. They are also shown drinking in one scene. Most of the crowd who are going to watch this film (Gen X) may try to relate it with their school days, like what we saw in the movie “96 - one of the main reason for the film to become a big hit. But here, except for the “Flames” episode, the Gen X are going to find it very difficult to relate to the characters (parents and teachers included) or the scenes.

The students just have enough time to talk about their romantic interests. Even the scenes where they are shown with books in their hands, the discussion is largely around love. The teachers are all idiots, but that does create some genuine humour in some scenes (especially the PT master, police station scene with Siddique). We don’t get to see the family background or up-bringing of these kids except for few scenes. Inspite of the movie spanning two years, we don’t see any interaction between Roshan and his parents. This gives us a feel that we are watching the film unfold in some fairy land and that’s one of the reason we also find it difficult to accept the climax, even though the incident can happen to anyone these days.

If only Omar could have made it more authentic or atleast set the film in a college campus, it may have worked better.

Rating – 2.5/5


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