Mikhael Movie Review

Mikhael movie review

Mikhael starring Nivin Pauly comes after his biggest blockbuster "Kayamkulam Kochunni". Obviously, the film had a huge expectation. To add to that, the teaser and the posters increased the curiosity in the film. The film is directed by Haneef Adani and produced under Anto Joseph banner. Unfortunately, the movie has released after 2 Blockbuster Tamil films "Petta" and "Viswasam", which is running to packed houses in Kerala as well. This could impact the early collections from the film not only in Kerala but also in TN.

Few minutes into the film, you get a feel that it’s going to be a murder mystery which slowly turns into a smuggling and gangster template. But no, it’s going to be a personal revenge drama with thrilling moments. Hmm ya…but then noo! It’s going to be another “The Great Brother” as in “The Great Father” directed by Haneef again. But then you are wrong, it’s an action masala film with punch dialogues and heroism. Well you are wrong again, this is a message oriented film where the hero saves lives… he is a doctor right? This is in nutshell what Mikhael is all about. Any clue?

George Peter (played superbly by Siddique) is a kingpin gold smuggler who does not bother to kill anyone to succeed in his business. At the same time, he is very religious and loves his son Gerard who studies in school (Amal Shah – Ichapi from “Parava”). Gerard sees his father getting arrested and it affects him psychologically. He also gets into some quarrel with a fellow student (Michael John’s sister) and end up getting bashed by her in front of all students (she is trained in martial arts). Gerard, not able to bear the humiliation ends his life by jumping from the school building. George, being the suave villain (read “psychic”) he is, starts interacting with Michael’s family directly and keep insisting his sister to suicide like his son. So Michael takes up the role of the "Mikhael" - the guardian angel (the movies tagline) to save his sister. Who is Michael John by the way ? That's another story which I prefer not to reveal.

Nivin Pauly in Mikhael

To add to the confusion, you have several other characters - Marco (Unni Mukundan) who comes in the last few scenes and climax fight. Jayaprakash - Another smuggler and his sons. Babu Antony in a cameo. Shanthi Krishna plays the role of Ancy (Michael’s mother). Manjima Mohan is there too (No clue what she was doing in the film though). We have 2 police officers investigating the case (or framing the case) – Muhamad Easa (JD Chakravarthy) and Issac (Suraj). Easa has a flash back story to substantiate what he does. Otherwise, the police is completely helpless in this film – either they support the villain or they investigate themselves and talk to themselves except one honest guy (played by Kishore), but he is killed in the very first scene. Logic takes a back seat in many scenes. Nivin Pauly gets away by killing a patient with an injection with few slaps and he boasts about the same to his sister. One of the cutest way to threaten someone – walk in to their bathroom and have a hot shower and get out in boxers and take your car back home!! Am still wondering if Marcos came to that house in boxers or did he forget to pick-up his clothes?

The movie must have been good on paper. But the end product is a mess. It fails to qualify either as a commercial mass film or as an intriguing revenge thriller. The confusion in the script flows into the character of Michael as well. Nivin Pauly does his best to fit into the character as a medical student and doctor. He does some stunts and the punch dialogues did make an impact. The brother sister bonding was shown well. But the poor writing over shadows everything. Inspite of having several talented actors, the film falls short of the magic required to pull it off. The saving grace in the film is the background score by Gopi Sundar, climax fight and one of the patient’s relative who adds some comic relief.

Rating - 2/5


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