Kuppathu Raja Review

Kuppathu Raja is directed by Baba Bhaskar (dance master) with GV Prakash and Parthiban playing the lead roles. The story can be told in one line. Rocket (GV Prakash) and Raja (Parthiban) try to eliminate the people responsible for the death of Rocket’s father, a kid and a drug syndicate operating in the name of a chocolate company in their area.

You will not miss anything even if you walk into the theater even after 1 hour…. The first half is complete waste of money and effort for everyone involved including the audience. The real story starts in the second half. There are quite a few engaging scenes in the second half which you can infact relate to films like Vetrimaran’s “Polladhavan”. But then, the reference ends with that.

GV Prakash goes overboard in this and you only get irritated seeing him after a while. I am not sure why Parthiban agreed to do this film. The heroine Kalyani (Palak Lalwani) seems to be a decent find. But forcing her to talk and act the Madras slang was a disaster. MS Bhaskar who plays the role of Rocket’s father does well.

The characters don’t have any depth…. Imagine you walk out of the theater and remember only MS Bhaskar’s role in the film? Even a seasoned actor like Parthiban (title role) seems to be completely lost in the film. You don’t even get to see his trademark "Nakkals" or "one-liners". And then there is this character of Mary (Poonam Bajwa) which I don’t want to talk about.

Songs by GV Prakash sounded very repetitive. “Indha kiruki” song is choreographed well but then reminds you of “Otha Kannale” from Aadukalam. If GV is keen to act, would prefer him using other music directors for a change. Cinematography is good. The freeze shots were used very interestingly in the film but again overdone. BGM was ok.

Overall, Kuppathu Raja is a mediocre work and can be avoided.

Rating – 2/5


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