Kodathi Samaksham Balan Vakeel Review

Kodathi Samaksham Balan Vakeel is directed by B.Unnikrishnan, who is back with Dileep after directing continuous films with Mohanlal. With an interesting characterisation for Dileep, the trailer of the film looked promising.

The plot of film is very simple and what we have seen in several other films of the same director, just that the characters are different. Adv. Balakrishnan (Dileep as Balan Vakeel) has not been able to succeed in his career as a lawyer because of his stammering and he is hard-pressed into doing desk jobs for an Advocate firm. A lot of time is spent in introducing the characters in the first half. Incidentally, he gets dragged into a money laundering conspiracy and is forced to take up the case for himself to save him and the complainant Anuradha (played by Mamta Mohandas).

Dileep does his best to come across as a stammering advocate, though the younger version is more likable. However, the script does not do any favour to him. Mamta Mohandas does her part well. Siddique (in a weird role), Suraj and Aju Varghese add to the comic relief. Not sure why Priya Anand accepted this film. We also have Leena, Renji Panicker and Harish Uthaman playing key roles. Technically, nothing much to boast about the film. It has a decent background score and 2 unwanted songs. Cinematography and Editing is average.

There are two main parts of the film….one is the underdog stammering advocate who has not got any opportunity to showcase his talent. To make it worse he is surrounded by people who tease and humiliate him in each and every scene (including his own parents). The other is a conspiracy plot as the background which needs to be solved. Director B.Unnikrishnan fails to convince on both these parts.

Neither we get to see Balakrishnan overcoming his stammering (more so because it was triggered by an incident and not from birth) nor we see him fighting it out in the court. Infact there is no scene which brings out an interesting court drama. Even the most important scene where he explains the Judge about the details of his investigation is silenced and shown as montages.

The conspiracy plot is even more absurd. There is no detailing for Anuradha or her father’s character. So we are not able to connect with the character or the incident or the reason why her father has to maintain secrecy or even get into such a messy situation. The linking to the “puzzle” theory is also very silly. Then there is one encounter specialist character – one of the silliest cop role you can ever see in cinema. The climax twist also fails to surprise us.

Overall, Kodathi Samaksham Balan Vakeel is another lethargic attempt from director B.Unnikrishnan. What could have been an interesting investigative court drama ends up as a very average affair.

Rating – 2.25/5


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