Kazhugu 2 Review

Kazhugu 2 is not a sequel though its directed by Sathyasiva and has the same lead pair - Krishna and Bindu Madhavi. The title is used only for the recall value, however visually the film has the same effect. The part 1 (Kazzhugu) was released way back in 2012 and had a very raw theme which worked well.

The film starts off like the part 1 with an interesting sequence (spoiled by poor graphics though). Some dholes (Sennai in Tamil, wild dogs) attack some women who go to work in a forest. An illegal wood trader with the help of the local MLA gets the contract to cut the trees in the same forest. However, he needs to protect the workers from the dholes. Johny (Krishna) and Kaali (Kali Venkat) who are petty thieves somehow end up as hunters and agree to protect the workers. Johny falls in love with Medley (Bindu Madhavi), who is the daughter of the local manpower contractor (MS Bhaskar).

While you begin to think that the dholes are going to spoil the love story, the director shifts the story completely in the second half. It turns in to a typical cliché love story of a thief who tries to do that last robbery to settle in life with his lover. Thankfully, the climax portions are engaging and it ends in a different note (Subramanipuram types). Again appreciate the director for not sticking to the formula. But the disconnected story-line between the first and the second part completely spoils the experience.

There is something very natural about Actor Krishna's acting. He does the role very casually and gains our sympathy in the end. Wish he does more character based roles in future. Bindu Madhavi has a mature character and she has good scope to perform. The chemistry between the lead actors work well and pushes the story ahead in the first half. Kaali Venkat is there throughout the film and manages to evoke few laughter with his one-liners. Other supporting actors too do their role well.

The big strength for the film is Yuvan’s BGM and the cinematography by Raja B. The locales are pristine and you are just taken to the spot right from scene one. Songs are shot well through montages except for one item song in the beginning (a typical Myskkin style song). There are some illogical scenes in the film. For eg, the search for the minister whose helicopter goes missing in the forest – we don’t even get to know whether he was saved. Why should Medley go almost a kilometer away to make tea for the workers - especially when there are wild dogs around?

Overall, Kazhugu2 gives you an incomplete feel inspite of a genuine attempt by the director in trying to give something different. I just wished the dholes somehow came back in the end and did something – may be kill the MS Bhaskar character??

Rating – 2.5/5


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