Kanne Kalaimane Movie Review

Kanne Kalaimane Review

Seenu Ramasamy is known to take simple films under the drama genre, largely related with villages and rural aspects. “Kanne Kalaimane” is no different. It’s a simple love story set in a village in the current period and also deals with some challenges they face.

The story can be narrated actually in three parts. First one where the characters Kanna (Udhayanidhi Stalin) and Bharathi (Tamannah) meet. Kanna is a do-gooder, does agriculture and advices the farmers to go the organic way in farming. He also goes to the extent of taking loans in his name to support the poor. Bharathi is a bank manager of Madura Grama Bank in the village, who is keen to recover dues from the delinquent accounts. Initially they both have some misunderstanding but later fall in love. The second part deals with the issues Kanna face in convincing his folks to accept their relationship. The third part is where the couple face a grave situation and how they come out of it.

Udhayanidhi Stalin is apt for the role as an educated village youth. He emotes much better than his previous films. Tamannah also has a very strong role and she delivers her best. But the highlight of the film is Vadivukarasi, who plays the role of Kanna’s grandmother. It’s a very apt casting and she shines in each scene. Thanks to the movie "Arunachalam", we always associate her with negativity and that helps to take the movie forward in the second half.

Kanne Kalaimane is a typical Seenu Ramasamy film, if you liked his previous outings, this will satisfy you as well to a large extent. Some of the scenes are left unfinished for the audience to assume what could have happened, which was interesting. For eg: the scene where Kanna’s grandmother talks to Bharathi’s mother and the climax too. Songs by Yuvan are melodious. Cinematography by Jalendhar Vasan was nice. Since the movie is shot in rural areas, it captured the scenic beauty very well.

Lack of any enduring suspense throughout the narrative to keep the audience engaged affects the film. While the second half is more engaging and has some conflicts, the first half was very slow and flat. The movie enlightens few social issues in the first half, which actually seems to be pushed into the narrative. I wished the interval block was extended little more.

Overall, while Kanne Kalaimane end as a feel good film, it takes lot of time to create that impact on you.

Rating – 2.5/5


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