Kadaram Kondan Movie Review

Chiyaan Vikram is back with "Kadaram Kondan", directed by Rajesh M Selva (Thoongavanam). The script which was initially written for Kamal Hassan (produced by Raj Kamal films) and later Vikram was roped into play the lead. It’s based on the English film “Point Blank” which was released in 2010.

The story of Kadaram Kondan is simple – KK (Chiyaan Vikram) who is supposedly (I don’t know actually who he is, will come to that later) a gangster cum ex-agent gets framed in a murder of a rich businessman in Malaysia and the cops are after him. There are two groups within the cops – the good group is led by Kalpana (Malayalam actress Lena) and the bad one is Vincent (Vikas) who is also involved in the murder. Amidst all this, a young couple Vasu (Nasser’s son Abi Hassan) who is a doctor and his pregnant wife Aathira (Akshara Hassan) get involved in the mess. KK has to find the people responsible for framing him and also save the couple.

The biggest problem with the film is in Vikram’s characterization. We have no clue about his background except for the commentary that he was an ex-agent and now a dreaded gangster / don / smuggler etc etc. Hence it becomes difficult to connect with the character throughout. Atleast there could have been some scenes in the beginning to establish the character and his accomplices. Vikram looks dashing with his salt and pepper look and this is easily one of the most stylish role he has played. Just that, it would have helped if the efforts put on his looks were also put on the character.

There are some senseless scenes and situations which could have been avoided. For eg, the police headquarters shown in the film looks ridiculous. We have a procession of accused (‘s) being taken in all directions behind the scenes. Some dialogues were silly especially the ones delivered by Vasu and Aathira. Abi Hassan has a long role to play in fact as long as Vikram’s and tries his best to give that “paavam” look throughout. Nothing much to tell about other actors. Technically the film is good. BGM by Ghibran is a big plus. The cinematography is catchy. The action scenes could have been better ….the chasing scenes were very silly and use of body double was very evident.

Kadaram Kondan is that typical “full of style” and “no substance” film which will leave you empty in the end. Strictly for Chiyaan Vikram fans. Blame it on the stunning first look of the film which was captured by the ace photographer G Venkat Ram, the movie is nowhere near that. I still hope some director gives this man a good script matching his talents. That reminds me of that Gautam Menon film….. eppo da release panuveenga?? John is something am looking forward to.

Rating - 2.5/5


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