Kaappaan Movie Review

Kaappaan (Bandobast in Telugu)

Kaappaan is a much awaited film for Suriya and his fans, especially because the actor has not been able to pull off big hits in recent times. His last release NGK was a flop and the one prior to that (Thaana Sentha Kootam) was a mediocre remake of the Hindi film Special 26. Kaapan has the hit trio back – KV Anand (director), Harris Jayaraj (Music) and Suriya in action. The film has a huge star cast including Mohanlal, Arya, Samuthirakanni, Sayyeshaa and Boman Irani (debut in Tamil) and releasing in three languages. Hopefully, they should be able to pull another blockbuster and a much needed hit for Suriya.

Kaappaan Movie Review

Kathiravan is a military intelligence officer (and also an Organic farmer) who has been part of several covert operations. He is asked to provide security as a part of the SPG team to the Prime Minister Chandrakanth Varma (Mohanlal). Incidentally, in one of the visits to Kashmir, the Prime Minister is assassinated. Kathiravan is suspended, however they come to know that the act was done by a rogue Indian Military officer Ranjith (Chirag Jani). Abhishek (Arya), son of the ex-prime minister is made the PM and Kathir is assigned again to safeguard him. Rest of the film deals with how Kathir and his team eradicate the rogue officer and an industrialist (Boman Irani), who try to exploit the TN region for his business.

Good things first! When compared to last few outings by Suriya, Kaappaan is much better as an entertainer. KV Anand ensures he has several incidents added to the film to make it engaging to some extent. For eg, the unique species of grasshopper released to eat away the crops, the scene related to organic farming (manure) etc. The film also has some expected twists (like the 24 Series) towards the end. Some of the action sequences were good. The scene where the officers’ meet up in the house of their superior (played by Samuthirakanni) for dinner, reminds you of Gautham Menon films. Harris BGM is a big support for the film.

The huge star cast is a big saviour. Suriya tries his best to add charm to the role in various get ups. He is convincing in most parts. This is the first time we see Suriya talking double meaning dialogues and also drinking for pleasure on screen. The big act is done by Mohanlal, who lives the role of a Prime Minister. Arya’s role is written in a very silly manner and so is his character. But it adds to some fun in the second half. Sayyessha is also there in the film. Boman Irani’s character does not have any scope for performance.

The problem with the film is that it flows in the same tempo throughout. There are no highs and lows to give that adrenaline rush, which is required for such subjects. The very first scene actually puts you off. The scene which is also the introduction of Suriya’s character does not have any glorification. Cut very abruptly, you wonder why this was added to the beginning of the film. Even the introduction as the organic farmer falls flat. Technically, the film is not great. Editing was poor (like the trailer which was released), can’t believe it was Anthony. While BGM is good, the songs are not that great and wasted. Camera work by MS Prabhu and Abhinandhan is again very average. Being a story narrated at national level, some dialogues could have been in Hindi, just to add some originality. Even the Pakistan high commissioner talks in Tamil.

The film could have been better if it was shown in the perspective of any one of the character – especially that of Kathir. It could have added more details about the SPG officers. The director could have avoided the double meaning dialogues. The director could have cut the songs – why would one want a pole dancer in London sing “Machan Inge Vandhira” ! It could have given a wonderful credit to the SPG team in the end (after credits, like Thupakki). But then there was a song (Kurilae Kurilae) which was shot lavishly in a foreign location, which was cut in the editing process. What to do with that? The cliché agriculture and famer issues also seems to be forced into the film to increase the length.

Ovearll, Kaappaan is a one-time watch for its stellar casting and few good action/thrilling sequences.

Rating – 3/5


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