Ittymaani Made in China Review

Ittymaani Made in China released with lot of expectations. The trailer was funny with the added element of seeing Mohanlal do a Margamkali too. The film is directed by debutant duo Jibi-Joju and produced under the banner of (who else?) “Ashirvad Cinemas” Antony Perumbavoor.

The films starts interestingly with the character introduction of Ittymaani (someone who takes back commission for everything) and his background (father was a marital art master in China). Ittymaani is also famous for manufacturing duplicate items right from Cashews to Horlicks and makes money through this illegal business. He also has a Chinese restaurant for name-sake. Ittymaani lives with his mother (KPAC Lalitah) and has a side-kick in the form of Aju Varghese.

The story revolves around Ittymani’s neighbour Annama (Radhika Sarathkumar) and her children. Annama stays alone in her house. She has two son’s and a daughter who are married and stay separately. Inspite of her repeated requests, they refuse to come and see her or take care of her. Ittymaani and his mother hatch a plan to resolve this issue and he takes a rather surprising decision just before the interval. The second half deals with some comedy scenes (which is an aftermath of the decision he takes) and leads to the climax, where the hero is glorified for all his deeds.

The characterisation of Ittymaani is the biggest flaw in the film. We have no clue as to why the Chinese background is added to this film and the Chinese dialogues only irritate you after one point. There is no reason as to why Ittymaani should be dealing with duplicate products as well (just because he was from China ?). On one hand, he is shown as someone who gives everything for saving estranged mothers and on the other hand he does not bother about giving duplicate Horlicks to kids. Such a poor characterisation spoils the entire feel of the film and its message.

The other issues with the film is with the regular dose of unwanted double meaning and crass dialogues. What is the need to have these in a family drama which glorifies motherhood??? The only saving grace for the film is the scenes between Ittymani and Fr. John Paul (Siddique) which elevates the entire proceedings. Mohanlal tries his best to evoke laughter with his mannerism and dialogues. The songs are good. Nothing much to tell about other aspects.

You can’t avoid the comparison of this story to several “Sathyan Anthikad” kind of films. If the characterisation was good (just a typical Syrian family) and sans double meaning and sexual dialogue’s, this could have been a decent family film. Time and again we have seen both Mohanlal and Mammooty choose such silly films amidst some really good ones. Ittymaani Made in China is one such average silly film.

Rating – 2.5/5


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