Ganagandharvan Movie Review


Ganagandharvan is directed by actor cum stand-up comedian Ramesh Pisharody. His first film as director (Panchavarna Thatha) was not successful. This time he has Mammootty playing the lead as a stage singer. May be because it’s an offbeat subject, there is no much promotions or enthusiasm for this film, which you normally associate with the mega star. With the Onam releases fading out, it will be interesting to see if this film can bring the audience back to the theatre.

Ganagandharvan Movie Review

Ganagandharvan Movie Review

The film starts with a scene where a stage singer from a light music troupe (Kalasadhan) - Ullas (Mammootty) is arrested by the police. Cut to flashback, we are taken into the life of Ullas, his family (wife and a daughter) and his job as a struggling singer trying to make ends meet. Meanwhile, a resort is sealed by the regulators for violation in construction and the owner Sandra is expecting an arrest. To evade the same, along with a travel agent (Played by Mukesh), Sandra tricks Ullas into marrying her secretly, so that she can leave to US as the wife of a music troupe artiste. The rest of the film deals with the problems faced by Ullas and how he manages the same.

The film takes some time to unfold, but once done it keeps you engaged throughout and peaks in the end. Some of the twists, smartly added to the plot in the end makes it an even more interesting watch. Ramesh Pisharody’s script keep you engaged completely in the second half with several characters entering into the plot. Mammootty plays the role of the struggling singer well. The scene where his daughter question him about his job is a gem. Manoj K Jayan add to the lighter moments. The girl who players the lawyer role looks promising.

Mammootty in Ganagandharvan

On the negatives, I have to tell first the film deserved better promotions. Probably, the makers thought the film might become a success through word of mouth. But when you make a film with a star like Mammootty and you have a good subject in hand, why not make it more successful through some smart marketing? The BGM and songs are a big let-down. Infact, being a film based on the life of a stage singer, I expected atleast couple of decent songs. Cinematography and editing was OK.

The director also touches on some relevant societal issues like the problems with not registering a marriage and human trafficking using dance/light music troups.Ramesh Pisharody has a success in Ganagandharvan. But its fate will decide on how the film is promoted in the coming days.

Go for it, its much better than the recent Onam releases.

Rating – 3/5


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