Dhilluku Dhuddu 2 Movie Review

Dhilukku Dhuddu Movie Review

“Dhilluku Dhuddu” (Part 1) was an average outing. While there were some genuine funny moments, the forced heroism, songs, long and cliché climax spoiled the film. So I was keen to know - Why would the same pair (director Rambhala and Santhanam) join again to make a sequel under the same brand? But few minutes in to the film Dhiluku Dhuddu 2, you are taken by surprise.

Viji (Santhanam) is an auto driver and lives with his uncle (Motta Rajendran). They are a nuisance in the neighbourhood as they create ruckus in the area once they get drunk. The neighbours plan to get rid of him and force him to fall in love with Maya (Shrita Sivadas). Maya is from Chotanikara in Kerala and her father is a famous black magician, who can use evil powers to even kill people. Infact, anyone who proposes to Maya is killed by the evil spirit. Viji has to overcome this situation and win Maya, which is the premise of the film.

It seems Rambhala and Santhanam have done their homework and rectified all flaws in part 1, resulting in a decent comedy entertainer. To start off, there is no special title credit for Santhanam (like his earlier films), neither does he have an opening song or fight. A welcome change infact! Just 2 songs in the film. While the songs are not catchy, it does not affect the flow of the film either. The movie is less than 2 hours and apt for such a genre. Also, glad to see a south Indian actress this time. All his earlier films had north Indian actors who could not even lip sync properly.

Some scenes also demonstrate the creativity of director Rambhala like the one where Viji comes back safe after proposing to Maya (by offering a ride to a nun). The mock on various other films and actors (Baahubali, Simbu, Kamal to name a few) is also placed perfectly to match the scene. Rambhala, this time, emphasis only on Santhanam’s strength in comedy rather than his heroism. Santhanam is in full form and does what he does his best - mocking everyone in the scene, irrespective of their age, gender and relationship with him. Each and every dialogues he utters is funny and aptly supported by Rajendran. The first few scenes where they create ruckus in the street and on the stage (reminds you of “Boss Engira Baskaran”), the pre-interval portion in the burial ground and the scenes in the haunted palace are so hilarious that you laugh continuously and miss out some dialogues in between.

The film does have some illogical and exaggerated scenes. The final exorcism was not convincing either. I had huge expectation for Urvashi’s character. She makes a grand entry (again a troll on Jimiki Kamal song) but her role is not even relevant to the plot. Also, it seems we can never make a horror film without a haunted bungalow or palace. This is again proved true in Dhilluku Dhuddu 2. Wish some directors come out with unique concepts in the horror genre. The background score could have been better, it overrides the dialogues in some places. There is no much scope for other areas technically.

Did I say this was a horror film, wait!! While the film is promoted as a horror comedy, there is no scope for horror at all….you only end up laughing seeing the ghosts every time. The scene where Viji sings the diary milk jingle “Kiss Me, Miss Me” to escape from a blood licking ghost is the epitome of mockery.

Overall, Dhilukku Dhuddu 2 brings back the comedian Santhanam in his real avatar. Forget the logic and laugh out for 2 hours!

Rating – 3/5


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