Dear Comrade Movie Review

Vijay Deverkonda is one of the most sought after actor in South after giving continuous hits recently. Dear Comrade is supposedly another film in the romantic action genre and has been praised by all those who saw the previews including Bollywood personalities. The songs from the film has been chartbusters in all languages (including Malayalam and Tamil). Apart from Mahesh Babu who has a big following down TN and Allu Arjun who is successful in Kerala, there has been no other actor from the Telugu industry who could manage to get a fan following in all 3 states. If successful, “Dear Comrade” can elevate Vijay Deverkonda further and make him a marketable actor in South India.

The movie starts of very similar to “Arjun Reddy”. Chaitanya (alias Bobby – Vijay Deverkonda) is a student who fights for the rights of other students. He is inspired by his grandfather who is a Comrade himself. In the process, they have some troubles with the local MLA too. Bobby meets Aparna (alias Lilly – Rashmika Mandana) who comes to visit her relatives. Lilly is a cricket player and aspires to play for the India cricket team. They fall in love. However, Bobby’s temperament and anger separates them. When bobby happens to meet Lilly incidentally after three years, things are not the same.

There is a huge hangover of “Arjun Reddy” through-out the first half of the film which is more of a positive feel. Vijay Deverkonda excels as Bobby with his swag and mixed emotions. He fits that “angry young man” role to the T. This is another role which he will be remembered for. Rashmika, fits the delicate character mixed with lot of emotions and feelings. May be an experienced actor would have done more justice to the role. Nevertheless she excels in most parts. Supporting actors also perform well.

The first half has some good moments and an engaging script which takes you through the love story. It’s the second half which is the strength of the film. There is so much happening that you get engrossed with the film throughout. A bit of trimming would have been appropriate. Music by Justin Prabhakaran is a big plus. The songs are already chartbusters and the BGM just elevates each scene. Every songs are shot as montages which give a real feel. Cinematography is pleasant. Fight are choreographed well.

Director Bharat deals with a very cliché message on the problems faced by women players but presents it very differently and effectively. Overall, Dear Comrade is a decent watch and definitely another hit for Vijay Deverkonda.

Rating – 3/5


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