Boomerang Movie Review

Boomerang has been lying in the cans for long and finally released today. The film is directed by R. Kannan (assistant of Mani Ratnam), who has given some decent hits in his career. Boomerang has Atharvaa, Megha Akash and Indhuja in the lead roles.

You can guess the story of Boomerang in the first few scenes itself. Siva undergoes a face transplant (post some fire accident) and gets the face of Shakthi who is brought brain dead in another accident. While things go well for Siva after the face transplant, he realizes that his life is in threat. He starts investigating into the life of Shakthi. Here, the director brings in all issues related to layoffs in IT companies, water scarcity, farming issues, linking of rivers, water mafia etc etc which we have been seeing in several movies released in last one year.

Atharva does his part in both roles. RJ Balaji shines in the second half. Infact, it’s more like a continuation from LKG. Sathish as another side-kick gives some comic relief. Indhuja and Mega Akash play the hero’s pair. While Megha Akash spoils it again with her lip sync, Indhuja is more natural and performs well.

The second half of the film is where the heart is, however the boring first half does no good. Some of the scenes in the second half reminds us of Suriya’s character in “Ayutha Ezhuthu”. But the problem with the script is that it’s very flat and does not have any thrilling or surprise elements. The romantic angle and the songs are a pain. The landslide scene is also not believable as most of the work of linking the river was happening on a plain. Absence of a strong villain is a big minus.

The film could have been much better if the writing was more detailed especially the characters. We don’t even get to know about Siva’s fire accident. The character of Suhasini which looked to be interesting vanishes after a point of time. Even after the film ends, we don’t get attached with any of the characters in the film and that’s bad writing. For the kind of message it conveys, the director should have made it more elaborate and presented the film in a bigger canvas which would have been more convincing.

Overall, Boomerang is a very average film. If you are one who is looking for social messages through films, then you may have some inclination.

Rating – 2.25/5


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