Best Home made moisturizer with natural ingredients

Your search for high quality home made moisturizer should end here !!!

You would have obviously read several articles about harmful chemicals used in moisturizers readily available in the market. While many claim themselves to be natural, organic etc etc you will be surprised to read the ingredients. The thought of applying these on your skin on a daily basis (sometimes more than once) is horrifying. I have tried all possible range of moisturizers with all possible claims of 24hrs, 48hrs protection etc.... but eventually the end result is same - you have to apply more and more. All these moisturizers available in the market force you to use them regularly only for one reason - to make you buy more. They don't have any effect on your skin. Then why use them? Instead why can't we look at some natural options which atleast does not harm us?

After lot of online research and watching several YouTube videos, it looks like I have finally got the best moisturizer which suits my dry skin especially the hand, legs and fingers. The recipe is simple and it uses Beeswax as the basic ingredient to give that creamy texture. You can go online and study about the uses of Beeswax and also its harmful effects (as given in some articles). However, its a natural ingredient and has been used for long by humans for various purposes. So its definitely better than various chemicals which we use currently in the name of moisturizers.

I tried making it at home and have been using it daily and I can vouch that it makes your skin soft and moisturized for long and more importantly the fact that we are not using any chemicals on the skin makes you feel much better !! 

Ingredients Used

Beeswax  - I used the brand Anaha available in Amazon. You can buy the same by clicking here .While I found the same to be harder than few others, the quality of the same is good. You can make a good quantity of moisturizer using just 100 gms of this beeswax Olive Oil (preferably extra virgin). My preferred branch is Borges Coconut Oil (preferably cold pressed).You can use cold pressed or normal coconut oil if you are sure about its source (homemade etc). Those available in the market are mostly mixed with artificial flavors.Essential Oils (any oil which can add some nice fragrance and also help your skin like Tea Tree Oil and Lavender Oil) - Organix Mantra is a fairly priced and good quality oil available in Amazon. Vitamin E Oil (Prefer Vitamin E capsules available in Medical shops which can be cut open and used or the ones available in market like given in this link. You may also want to use any other oil like Almond oil or even Shea butter is a good option.

Procedure Its very easy to make this. I am not going to give any measurements here because it all depends on the quality of the ingredients you use and the texture of the moisturizer you prefer - either creamy or hard. I prefer it to be little hard than the ones available in the market. Also, the temperature and weather conditions in your area will affect the state of the moisturizer.

Add the base oils in a bowl and mix them. Melt beeswax - double boiler method (normally you will use 1/4th of the quantity as beeswax with 3/4th being other oils). Add the oils in to the beeswax slowly and keep stirring. Add the essential oils and the Vitamin E extract to the mixture. You can test the texture of the mixture (how liquid you want it to be) by taking some and dropping into a bowl of cold water. You may want to add more oil or beeswax to get the right consistency based on your preference. Pour the end product in to a glass jar for cooling and future use.


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