Aruvam Movie Review

Actor Siddharth who is riding on the success of Sivappu Manjal Pachai is back with another interesting horror thriller Aruvam, where he play a food Inspection officer. The film is directed by a newbie Sai Shekar.

There are good spirits and bad spirits. Aruvam is based on a good spirit, so you don't have any gory or scary scenes in the film. Jagan (Siddharth) is an honest food inspector, who goes on a mission to seal all food joints and food manufacturing industries indulging in adulteration. This does not go well with some of the large food based syndicates and they plan to eliminate him. How Jagan manages to take revenge through his lover Jothi (Catherine Teresa) is told in an cliche horror template.

Siddharth is good as the food inspector and the 30 minutes post interval is scripted well. The portions leading to the climax is also good with the school incident. However the first half with a long romantic portion and a silly climax (some negros as excorcists and the quary fight) make it a drag. Catherine Teresa has a decent role on paper but it does not go well with the entire film. Infact she has more screen space than Siddharth.

BGM by Thaman is very loud and repetitive. Cinematography and editing were just OK. Poor graphics and repeated locations seen in several movies does not add any freshness to the scenes.

Director uses a very required and relevant message for the film and has added all those news bits we get to read through whatsapp related to food adulteration, right from milk to dal, tea, fruits, chicken etc. But presenting it in a horror template was not effective. I would have rather wished to see a full fledged mass film on this subject and the character Jagan.

Overall, Aruvam is a below average attempt and bores you to a large extent than it entertains.

Rating 2.25/5


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