Agni Devi Movie Review

Spoilers Alert!

Agni Devi is directed by a debutant JPR and Sham Surya. The movie ran into some controversies as the lead actor Bobby Simha refused to complete the film or dub, not sure if it’s true. But after seeing the movie, I guess he had every reason for the same. The film is also a comeback vehicle for yesteryear actor Madhubala too.

The film starts off with a murder of a journalist who was supposed to interview a crime branch police officer (Bobby Simha as Agni Dev). For some reason the murder is shown similar to the Nungambakkam railway station murder. During the investigation he comes to know that the journalist had some startling information about a leading politician Shakunthala Devi (Madhu Bala), who is also responsible for the murders. Meanwhile all those who are involved in the controversy are killed one by one. The rest of the film deals with how the movie can be messed up completely.

While the films starts off as a decent investigative thriller, as it proceeds you lose interest and so does Bobby Simha. He tries his best to look convincing in this poorly written role…but his dubbing (by another person) does more damage than his acting. Madhubala as the aged politician has a meaty role on papers, but poorly presented on screen. She does all kinds of histrionics but fails to impress us. Not sure why Ramya Nambeesan accepted this film, she has just 3 scenes which was not required at all. The other supporting actors like Sathish, Linvingston and MS Bhaskar do their roles well.

The cinematography and BGM were just okay. Editing was poor but can’t do much when the script does not support the film. The films also touches on topics like demonetization and its impact, juvenile crimes etc but never gets into any details. Some scenes were done using body doubles for Bobby Simha (the last fight especially), which is very evident. The major flaw in the script is that you just can’t connect with any of the characters. The film ends with a forced twist in the end which makes you cringe even more. The transformation scene in the climax also does not have emotion and you are elated the film ended.

Sometimes, you feel sad for these directors who try to make a mark in the industry but fail miserably the very first time itself.

Agni Devi is avoidable.

Rating – 2/5


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