90ml Movie Review

90ml is directed by Anita Udeep (cine name as Azhagiya Asura….its Anita who sang the song Azhagiya Asura in Whistle and hence the name). The film is rated A. The trailer was already bashed by many critics (who are saving the country’s culture) before the release itself. The presence of Oviya was a big crowd puller especially after her Big Boss success. But was it a right choice?

Rita (Oviya) moves in to a new flat with her boyfriend (live-in relationship). Rita is modern, attractive and bold. She works in a beauty parlour and is someone who lives the way she wants…..and does not believe in institution of marriage too. The ladies (all married but one) in the apartments are in awe of her, the way she carries herself and her charm. They become friends and start sharing their life stories…. obviously everyone have some issue with their husbands and their own desires.

The stories vary from husbands who are not interested in having sex, sex after kids to gay marriage…etc etc. But to get them to share their stories ……one has to create the atmosphere for the same right? To create that atmosphere, the film is narrated in chapters (don’t even think of comparing the chapters in “Peranbu”). The name of the chapters go this way – “Beer and Biryani”, “Foreign Sarakku”, “Suga Bhanam” and the last one is called “Marana Matta”. Now you should have got a feel of the film.

To be honest, 90ml is a bold attempt and is indeed interesting in parts. It’s just over 2 hours and that’s a life saver. I loved the interval block….it was one of the most funny one I have seen in the recent times. There are some genuine humour in some scenes. Few double meaning crude jokes do evoke laughter and excitement within the crowd…especially the references to “bungalows”. Each scene of Oviya is cheered by the crowd (I meant scenes) with loud screams, whistle and claps. But unfortunately, she does not have anything to do other than that. The other ladies in the group manage pretty well…..Bommu Lakshmi (as Thamara) has an extended role among all and she looks to be promising.

The film is completely narrated from the women’s point of view which is good, but can’t that be done without over exposure of drinks, drugs and parties? Infact, you can count the scenes without the “Alcohol consumption” or “smoking” disclaimer. Don’t women talk anything else other than drinks, men and sex when they meetup? Infact one of them has a kid in the film and they don’t even show who takes care of the kid when she is partying out.

To add to this there are several unwanted additions like a silly car chase, a shootout in the night and an extended climax with a gang leader and then STR in a cameo. STR has also composed music for this film and it’s pathetic. I would have given one star more, if the film dint have any music at all. 90ml could have been an interesting mix, if it was prepared with some dignity and quality ingredients along with more emotional connect. But here, the emotional connect is largely with the drinks. It’s more like having scotch sitting beside a dump yard kind of feeling.

If you are just looking out for some fun, go as a group and have some excitement. Don’t expect beyond that. I seriously hope some theaters offer “women only” shows.

Rating - 2.25/5


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